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We Buy Collections!
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What We Buy!

Important Note:
At Showcase New England, we receive 100's of Emails everyday that do not meet our buying criteria. Before you click the Email Button, please review the following "What We Buy" section to ensure your books meet this criteria. We do not respond to Emails that do not follow this strict criteria. Thanks for visiting our WebSite.

  1. We mainly buy Pre-1980 Collections. Most Collections we consider for purchase have at least 1000 Comic Books. We do buy some complete 1980's & 1990's Collections. These Collections will generally have many 1000's of books.

  2. If your Comic Books are from the 1970's they need to be complete or nearly complete runs and from the Major Publishers. Most Collections we purchase from this time frame have at least 1000 or more Comic Books.

  3. If your Comic Books are from the 1960's they need to be in semi-complete to nearly complete runs ...unless they are from 1960 through 1964.

  4. All Superhero Comic Books published before 1960 will be considered for purchase.

  5. We Do Not provide price quotes or general evaluations of Comic Books that do not meet the above criteria.

If your Comic Books or Collections meet the criteria above
Click this Button to Contact Us.

Yes, My Collection Meets the Criteria Above.
(Note: we Do Not reply to Emails or Phone Messages that do not meet our buying criteria)
Call or Email today for an immediate, no nonsense response!!! You can also mail your Collection List to:

Showcase New England
8106 Felisa Ct
Ft Meyers, FL 33912
Phone: 239-313-6602

Email: buying@showcasene.com



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