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Ebay Auction Services!
(We Sell "Your Collection" on Ebay)

Showcase New England is the world's LARGEST SELLER of comics on Ebay!
Our Auctions are the most watched and followed Comic Book Auctions on the planet!
This means, that on balance, we realize more money than any of our competitors.


Who Should Auction?
If you donít really know what your collection is worth, and you want to be sure you realize the most money for your prized collectibles, and you want to see to whom they sell to and for how much, than Showcase New England is the right choice for you.

Why Choose Us?
There are several important considerations in choosing the right company to auction your books for you.

We Auction Large Collections Faster!
Our auction cycle, from the time we take possession of your books to the time it takes you to get paid in full is about 60 days. Ask the larger auction houses, and if they are truthful, the process can take over a year.

We Get The Most Money For Your Comic Books!
We are the most widely followed comic book company on Ebay on the planet. This means we get more money for your books than any of our competitors.

We Pay The Fastest!
We pay 14 days after all auctions end, regardless of whether we have been paid for your item or not. We are the only company in the country that offers this service.

Additionally, many auction houses, especially the larger ones, take up to a year or two, to auction your items ...and then you only get paid if they get paid.
All the risk is yours.

No Hidden Fees!
Unlike many auction houses, we donít charge you if your item doesnít sell.
(Some auction houses do).
We donít charge catalog, picture and scanning fees.
We donít charge re-listing fees.

We Offer Cash Advances!
We donít charge interest like many of our competitors do.

What Do We Do?
At our expense, we will pick up your collection, bring it back to our office, sort and catalog the collection, prepare the books for auction, auction the books, ship the books and then pay you 10 business days after the auction ends.

You can also mail your Collection List to:

Showcase New England
8106 Felisa Ct
Ft Meyers, FL 33912
Phone: 239-313-6602

Email: auction@showcasene.com



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